Dealing Effectively With Ambiguity & Uncertainty

Webinar by Renu Mukherjee, an InnerMost Shift Coach
Coming to terms with it and deep realisation that it is ‘here to stay’ in the complex business world and ecosystem. It is of utmost importance to be able to make effective decisions for a better future. Impact of ambiguity and uncertainty on overall business objectives, role as a leader/manager, day to day work life is huge and how can you as an individual, as a leader, as a coach or as a business-person gear up to deal with it.

In this webinar, Renu has addressed questions often asked about how to deal with ambiguity & uncertainty, specifically focusing on:
⭐ Different dispositions/ inclinations/ preferences to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty – leverage/ coping mechanisms/workarounds/deep changes within
⭐ How coaching can enable dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty What does dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty mean in today’s business context? Can coaching help in dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty and how?
⭐ “I am wired in a certain way/My upbringing and my life-experiences are of a different kind, still how do I deal with ambiguity and uncertainty?”
⭐ “I come from a background which is deeply rooted in structures, set way of doing things, established norms, clear directions – how do I now become successful in ambiguous environment/how do I now deal with ambiguity and uncertainty?”
⭐ “Are all roles impacted by ambiguity and uncertainty or do they impact only some?”
⭐ “Are there specific tools and techniques available to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty?”

About Renu Mukherjee:

A InnerMost Shift Coach, Renu is an ICF accredited PCC Coach. Her coaching is founded on Richard Bandler, Grinder, Alphastars, Sat and Siri Khalsa’s Master-Level NLP-Coaching and Dr. David Rock’s Brain-based Coaching methodology.
In Leadership coaching, she coaches Sr. Mgmt., SBU/BU Heads, Sr.GMs/GMs, Sr.VPs/VPs.
She has coached executives from across industries and have delivered 1300+ hours in coaching and is bound by and follow ICF ethics, guidelines and ICF Competencies.

Leaders as Coaches for Brighter future

Webinar by Sharath Kumar R N, an InnerMost Shift Coach
From Industrial Revolution 1 to the Industrial Revolution 3, in the era of Technological Development, where ‘Information is just a commodity & knowledge is a search away’, the role of a leader has changed from Command & Control to a more inclusive, a more participative style.
Listening, Reflecting and asking powerful questions that change the very way a person views self & the world around him/her is to be the new norm of leadership. In his webinar Sharath Kumar R N spoke about different styles of leadership and what one can do to adopt the new leadership style of coaching.

And ofcourse, it is not only the corporate leaders who have to change their leadership style, it could be anyone, a parent, a team lead, a sportsperson, even when you are leading self.
About Sharath Kumar R N:
An ICF certified coach, a certified InnerMost Shift Coach, Sharath Kumar R N is a Senior Management Executive and Co-founder with 20+ year chronicle of success in leading strategy, driving business growth, steering technical agenda, leading transformational organization development and building culture in global financial institutions.

Powerful Parenting – Coaching your child to Success

Webinar by Col. Ajay Ramakrishnan, an InnerMost Shift Coach
What is a good parent?
– A parent who is an Emotional coach to his/ her child
– A parent who takes time to understand emotional needs and responses accordingly
– A parent who offers guidance to aid understanding.
The main job of a parent is to ensure the mental, emotional, social, intellectual wellbeing.

How parents as a coach can make a difference in the life of a child. How to deal with different issues of a child.

As you go through the full session ‘Powerful Parenting, coaching your child to success’, by InnerMost Shift Coach, Ajay Ramakrishnan, notice how skilfully Ajay discusses the above mentioned and many more points which you as a parent must listen to.

What participants had to say about the session:
✨ Thanks a lot…..great session.
✨ Wonderful session
✨ Amazing insights … I am happy I could attend
✨ Thanks a ton for a lovely session
✨ Great input … size of problem vs size of reaction.
About Ajay Ramakrishnan
A soldier, pilot & a coach. Over 30 years of hands on experience with training, coaching & human resource development. An InnerMost Shift Coach, Ajay is also a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive & Team Coach. Certified Master Mentor (Career Development) & ICF (ACTP) Career, Success & Transformation Coach, NLP practitioner. Work experience includes exposure with Microsoft, Accenture, SAP, Daimler, Mercedes Benz, Titan, Manipal Group, etc.

Awareness of Coaching

Webinar by Radha Kant Jaiswal, an InnerMost Shift Coach

When Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt said “Everybody needs a coach”, what did they mean. What are the most successful men in the world recommending hiring a coach. Fact is just as in sports coaching, Life & Executive coaching has played an extremely fundamental role in helping them achieve their outstanding success.

Radha Kant shares wonderful insights with utmost humility on what it means to be a coach, who is a coachable client, appreciation of coaching in #Covid times and more.

⭐ Coaching & Difference from other profession like Mentoring/ Counselling
⭐ Benefits to employees from #ExecutiveCoaching
⭐ Pricing a Coaching Session
⭐ Coaching in Covid times
⭐ Market for Coaches
⭐ And more …

About Radha Kant Jaiswal
Associate Director in Karl Storz Endoscopy India Pvt. Ltd. Radha Kant Jaiswal is a Visionary, Innovative, Dynamic – Implementer. He is an Engineering Graduate & Management Post-graduate, having more than 28 years of Corporate-World experience of all levels of corporate ladder. As he developed interest in Human-behavior-science, he is also an InnerMost Shift Coach and NLP Practitioner

How has coaching transformed leaders?

Webinar by Kishore Chainani, an InnerMost Shift Coach
An encouraging & tastefully shared case-studies of how Kishore helped leaders
1) Get unstuck from Unproductive Mastery stuck state
2) Find the solution to problem
3) Come out of stuck state
4) Begin to harness the power of team
Simple, Smiling & Humble, Kishore shares how he helped leaders transform with his coaching sessions keeping the focus on the the requirement of the client.
His main strengths in his success
⭐ He did not go with an agenda. The agenda was always always of the clients
⭐ Focus on just being there for the client, building rapport
⭐ Using Coaching tools methodologically

About Kishore Chainani

Kishore has over 22 years of leadership experience in senior positions in companies like Tata AIG, HDFC and Genpact. He is an InnerMost Shift Coach and an ICF ACC certified coach who has worked with leaders from companies like KPMG, Times group, JSW Steel etc and transforming some family run businesses into professionally run organisations.

How to keep the Coachee engaged during the Coaching Engagement?

Webinar by Sandeep Kaul, an InnerMost Shift Coach
Engaging your client in between coaching sessions is a challenge a number of coaches face.
However, when you focus on what will enable the client to keep track of what is essential to be measured, the task becomes simpler.
As the age old saying, ‘Begin with end in mind’.
In an insightful webinar, Sandeep takes us through what is important to keep in mind when you encourage your clients to start the journalling process.
Much more than the system, what is important is to understand what can enable the client to take interest in writing, in keeping track.Highly recommended for Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Team Coaching in fact all types professional coaching.Journaling is good for tracking progress, for sharing feedback in between the session, creating accountability for all and many more benefits.

Watch the video as Sandeep Kaul takes us through the benefits of journaling and what to focus on when creating your journaling process.

About Sandeep Kaul
An InnerMost Shift Coach, Director at WhiteLight Consulting, Sandeep Kaul is an executive Coach since 2013 with 730 hrs+ of coaching experience. He has completed his MBA from MDI,Gurgaon. Sandeep also runs a company focused on Arts@workplace and Corporate Videos.

Importance of communication skills … everywhere!

Webinar by Nanda Botadkar, an InnerMost Shift Coach
Communication Skill is the most important and powerful tool that helps enhance both Professional and Personal growth and in her session on Communication, Nanda emphasises on the importance of ‘Communion before Communication’.
The S.M.A.R.T. method of communication, which can be used by one & all to make the communication more meaningful and impactful.
S – Specific
M – Meaningful
A – Adapt & Awareness
R – Relevant, Repeat & Reinfornce
T – Timely

As you go through the full session given by Nanda Botadkar, pay attention to realise the importance of InterAction over Communication.

What participants had to say about the session:
✨ Beautiful
✨ Excellent
✨ thank you so much Nanda for such a great soothing session. thank you. thank you. thank you.
✨ Amazing session …Thank you so much Ms Nanda ji
✨ Nanda Rocks….I can sense her peace when I see her on the screen! ✨

About Nanda Botadkar
An InnerMost Shift Coach, Nanda Botadkar is an ICF trained Transformation Coach, a psychologist with 15 years experience in the field of mental, emotional and behavioural dynamics. She has worked with diverse population and helped many a leader in the field of Education, Hospitality industry and other Startup’s to overcome their limiting beliefs and challenges.

What makes a Great Coach

Webinar by Shalini Juneja, an InnerMost Shift Coach
To become a great coach:
– who do you need to be?
– whose life do you need to be contributing to?
– What kind of skill sets you need to possess?

Shalini Juneja answers these and many more questions in here session on ‘What makes a great coach?’

Shalini lays particular emphasis on

– The importance of space that a coach creates, the presence displayed by a coach and the co-relation to the successful outcome of a coaching session.
– People in your life show up as you relate to them.

As you go through the full session given by the #InnerMostShift Coach, Shalini Juneja, you will appreciate the finer points she puts forward on how to be a GREAT coach.

What participants had to say about the session:

✨ Great clarity in simple ways…crisp. Thanks
✨ Wow Shalini loved your inputs and enthusiasm in conducting the session and convey the ideas in a simple manner
✨ thanks a lot Shalini. Two points that went deep within me….People in life show up as you relate & people hear what u don’t say and many such golden nuggets
✨ Great inputs Shalini, thanks so much!
✨ thankyou Shalini, lots of learning’s !!

About Shalini Juneja

Shalini Juneja, Founder at Being Alive is a Certified Performance Coach, an InnerMost Shift Coach and NLP Practitioner by Dr Richard Bandler, loves to inspire & empower people to create immense possibilities & live a powerful life they always dreamed of. With her enriched experience of 19 years in education & Training Industry where she had worked with leading organisations as Business Head, Consultant & Trainer. In 2011 she attended a coaching seminar and got inspired to become a coach & transform lives. In 2014 she came into coaching and now leading her sessions and workshops for Leaders, executives and Managers as Life & Executive Coach in various companies for last 5 yrs.

Busting Myths about Coaching – Hey, everybody needs a coach

Webinar by Veena Dhandhia, an InnerMost Shift Coach
The artistic Veena Dhandhia founder of #MoveAhead present the thoughtful and important point in such a beautiful rhythmic manner – Busting Myths about Coaching
Multiple questions were addressed during the webinar:
😐 Coaching is meant only for people with REAL problems
😐 Life Coaching gives you ALL the answers
😐 Life Coaches lead a PERFECT life
😐 Coaching causes DEPENDENCY
😐 ANYONE can become a life coach
😐 Coaching takes TOO MUCH time
😐 and much more
👍🏻 Great presentation.
👍🏻 Thanks Veena.. It was wonderful session..
👍🏻 Very insightful
👍🏻 Thanks Veena.. It was wonderful session..
👍🏻 and much more
About Veena Dhandhia:
Veena Dhandhia, with a background in Performing Arts, is the founder of “MoveAhead”, an organization which aims to empower and enrich women’s lives in society. Over the years, through her association and experiences with different types of people in various walks of life, her passion to make a further difference in people’s lives through Human Behavioural Sciences came through with her becoming a Life Coach (NLP + InnerMost Shift Coach-ICF approved) – areas: personal, relationships, success and transformation.

Coachability of Coaches

Webinar by Archana Nayak, an InnerMost Shift Coach
How the coach being coachable, the coach and the client both can reach to a genuine and best solution because coaching is also a way of being.
In her simplistic way, Archana shares the how the characteristics which two friends cherish with each other is also the requirement of coachability.
– Coaching is a mutual relationship (just like friendship)
– Coaching required trust (just like between friends)
– Coaches are non-judgemental (just like true friends)
– Coaching provides space for you to be vulnerable (just like between best friends)
– and many more.

Engaging the participants, Archana helps the coaches reflect on their own coachability.

What participants had to say:
👍 Wonderful, engaging presentation
👍 Beautifully put together and quite simplistic
👍 Low use of powerpoint slides was refreshing
👍 It was a great session
About Archana Nayak:
Archana likes to call herself a Self Exploration Specialist, who is trying to understand the beauty of life and my true purpose of living and an enthusiastic friendly soul.
For her monetary wealth, she work with a Swiss Bank.

Supercharge your self-esteem, moving from limitation to excellence

Webinar by Mansi Sharma, an InnerMost Shift Coach
No matter how confident and successful we are, almost all of us have moments of self-doubt and insecurity. If you’ve been undermining and underestimating yourself, it’s time for a self-esteem boost.
In this session, Mansi has explored the causes of low self-esteem and how to develop self-acceptance, be more assertive and increase your self-worth.
She specifically talks about:
– What is Self Esteem, connection with Emotions, feeling, behavior, action
– Symptoms of Self-Esteem
– Causes of low Self-Esteem
– How to Build upon your Self-Esteem

A very important take away – A person with high self-esteem remains in flow state.

What participants had to say:
👍 Great Session. Thank you!
👍 Thank you Mansi. Great share.
👍 Nice framework
👍 Thank you for this nice session.
About Mansi Sharma:
Mansi is an ICF certified InnerMost Shift coach and Six Seconds certified Emotional Intelligence assessor who is known as energetic, ever smiling, welcoming and patient listener with high empathy. She is wonderful in helping people raise their self-esteem in a very disciplined manner. She believes learning is a continuous journey and her vision is to help people in raising their self-esteem, productivity, warmth in relationship through internal happiness. She works with individuals, females, students and working professionals upon uplifting themselves and achieving their goals

Gracefully Exiting out of Difficult Emotions

Webinar by Anubha Bellani, an InnerMost Shift Coach
Many times we notice ourselves reacting in the heat of the moment, no matter how resilient and emotionally intelligent we are. Each time we guilt trip, resolve to behave and respond differently and yet… tend to lose our state.
🤔 What is it that makes us lose it?
🤔 How would it impact your relationships and interactions if you knew how to remain centred in the wake of triggers and external causes?
🤔 What if… you knew how to gracefully step out of your difficult emotions each and every time, living mindfully and authentically.
🤔 What if… you also bring these practices in your coaching conversations?
🤔 How will it affect your coachee’s “state” and give you 10x results?
In a very interesting webinar, Anubha takes us through the importance of ‘Valuing our Values’ to be able to Gracefully exit out of Difficult Emotions.
In her simplistic & graceful manner, Anubha answered various questions like:
– How to get over emotion of Anger
– Amygdala needs a few seconds to relax. How do we remind ourselves of that important pause to respond in an emotionally challenged situation?
– Awareness about Emotional Intelligence is at its peak, but, how do we put it into action?
What participants had to say:
👍 for me biggest insight is to start giving importance to values in relationship which will automatically start taking care of emotions
👍 Excellent
👍 Emotions felt for what they are, is a good start.
👍 Thank you for your generosity!
About Anubha Kathuria Bellani:
Anubha Kathuria Bellani, is an InnerMost Shift Coach, a NLP Master Practitioner and a Happiness and Values Coach. Trained in ICF Competencies, she loves to partner with teens and parents in a quest to leading a fuller and meaningful life. She has been coaching for close to three years and Emotional Quotient and Values are topics she is passionate about. A coach, a Pranic Healer and a studio potter, she also loves to use pottery as a medium to promote mindfulness and healing.