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Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. With InnerMost Shift Coach training you learn a powerful methodlogy to empower others in becoming the best they desire to be to achieve the maximum they are committed to.

Certified Life Coach

A professional coaching relationship invites Life Coaches to create a safe, sacred space for exploring life experiences and making significant InnerMost Shift for a purposeful difference in all areas of life one holds important.If you become a life coach, you can specialize in a niche to get through disastrously difficult times in life such as divorce, relationship break-up, critical disease, addictive habits, wellness and health issues.

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Certified Business Coach

As a business coach you work to keep Business Owners, Business Heads, Entrepreneurs and CEO’s , on track and focused on first and foremost on maintaining sense of balance, internal happiness along with vital parameters of business that directly impact their roles and responsibilities. It can be assisting them to make more sales, improve profits; increase finances, diversion and path breaking decisions

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Certified Executive Coach

Executive Coaching is aimed at inspiring executive leaders to make behavioral changes which transform themselves and the people around them thereby increasing business results and performance. Executives Coaches are in demand because of increasing complexity in which companies and businesses are being subjected to locally and globally. Executive Coaching has proven to be delivered an average ROI of 5.7 times.

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Certified NLP Practitioner

The promise of NLP is, by managing to change how you think, you will be able become who you want to be truly and ‘achieve the best’ in every respect. You can reorganize patterns of your body, mind, life force and direct personal energies towards the future you desire.You can now be more confident, successful and fulfilled by learning this neurologically rich psychology of success by taking up our BestLife NLP Training.

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Certified Spiritual Coach

The basic true nature of Universe is wholeness, one unified field that fortifies and comprises all existence. But we perceive everything as separate and have devised several distinctions to experience everything separate. Despite the fact that true nature has no distinctions, no location, spatial or temporal dimension, we fail to experience this truth. Because all forms of the realm we live in originate within true nature

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Certified Leadership Development Coach

Many organisations resist to appoint a leadership development coach because the services of such a specialist coach very expensive. We train our InnerMost Shift coaches very powerful language patterns and a ‘questioning tool’ to position themselves as ‘LEAD” Coach.There are white papers and studies available through ICF also that ROI on Leadership Coaching is $ 7- $ 8 on $ 1 spent.

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Ready To Start Your Coach Journey?

At AlphaStars Academy of Excellence, our goal is to bring to you a superior quality and best of the coach training program, at a most affordable price; and keeping in mind that you and your clients get maximum return on investment (ROI). Our Executive Coaching has proven to be delivered an average ROI of 5.7 times.

What make this possible is, the unique InnerMost Shift Coaching Process you learn, has been discovered and developed by the founders Siri Khalsa and Sat Khalsa, on the basis of 10000 hours of in the field research and real-time application over the time span of nearly 25 years.



Option to complete full 200 hours of coach training, qualifies you for MCC (Master certified coach) level via ACTP route. Get 3 certificates with 1 training. NLP practitioner by Dr. Richard Bandler / InnerMost Shift Coach certificate / ICF ACC-PCC-MCC certificate.

Business Coaching


You will be taught by PCC Level successful International coaches and trainers who have coached top of the line leaders and CEOs and individuals. You get professional guidance.

1:1 Consultation


We keep our classes to a maximum of 15 students. This gives individuals a chance and an opportunity to have focused attention & be evaluated and coached by trainers. Participants love this.

Career Analysis


During the 9 days (90 hrs) training, you learn more than 27 situational coaching tools & each session is practised in the classroom training as a coach. Undergo quantum transformation as you be a client to your fellow participant.

Balanced Body & Mind


We provide you with comprehensive manual and NLP Coaching Tools .We help you design and develop coaching tools and forms you can use or adapt for your own use.

Online Coaching


You will receive 3 individual and 7 group 10 hours mentoring session for ACTP PCC level program, required for ICF Credentialing. Feed back on two recorded coaching sessions.

Public Speaking


You will coach and receive coaching from different coaches. Sometimes from around the world so that you really learn and grow in the global marketplace.

Public Speaking


You can get guidance and insight about how to set up your own coaching practice if you are an individual.If you are an internal coach you will know how to create coaching culture.

Public Speaking


As coaching tools & model are central to successful coaching, you will learn to engage clients for upto 12 months by creating tools & models even the skype/phone.

Public Speaking


Training Name


Certificates you get

Level 1 (ACC)
ICF 90hrs. Coach Education
104+ contact hrs.
Saturday: 9:30am-2pm IST
for 21 consecutive weeks
+ 2 days In-Person
Start Date:
Saturday, January 20
Approx End Date:
End May 2024
* Certified Professional for Navigating to Beingness
* IMS Resilience & Relationship Coach
* IMS Vision & Motivation Coach
* IMS Change & Transformation Coach
* NLP Practitioner from Dr. Richard Bandler
Level 1 (ACC)
ICF 90hrs. Coach Education
104+ contact hrs.
Tuesday: 7:00-9:30pm IST
Wednesday: 7:00-9:30pm IST
for 18 consecutive weeks
+ 2 days In-Person
Start Date:
Tuesday, January 23
Approx. End Date:
End May 2024
* Certified Professional for Navigating to Beingness
* IMS Resilience & Relationship Coach
* IMS Vision & Motivation Coach
* IMS Change & Transformation Coach
* NLP Practitioner from Dr. Richard Bandler
Level 2 (PCC)
ICF 65hrs. Coach Education
40+ contact hrs.
Live 5 days workshop in Goa
Start Date:
March 18 – 22, 2024
* IMS Value Conscious Leadership Coach

About Us


Over 20 years of Individual training experience


More than 2000 Individuals Certified for NLP


More than 100000 Individuals Trained on different skills


More than 230 Individuals Trained dual NLP & ICF Certified Coaching



Trusted By

Usha Srinivasan
Usha SrinivasanEx-Associate Vice President, Capgemini

Usha had compared over 30 courses in the market, and selected AlphaStars with full confidence that she is selecting the Best. Things that I felt really good in this pattern, is the Inner Knowing, no other institute offers this, and the 2nd is the combination of NLP with coaching, other might offer it, but I, myself come from Capgemini, and have undergone a number of Leadership training programs across the world, I have done executive presence coaching myself, with some of the coaches who are trained with practices in London and all of those stuff, but Sat Sir you are really amazing. The way he brings the presence, and the BestLife Patterns, Watch video.

TarunCEO of Tata group company, gives standing ovation to AlphaStars trainers

Tarun Samant, CEO & Principle officer of one of the Tata group companies, compares trainers to Narendra Modi, Ravi Shanker & Sadhguru
I have attended many trainings & conferences, at TATA group level, and more at the global level, and I must compliment AlphaStars carrying a program with lot of command, lot of humility, lot of human touch, only 2-3 names are coming in my mind, 1 – Sadguru, 2- Ravi Shanker, 3- Narendra Modi, so for me as far as the three of you are concerned, specially you (SAT), you are synonymous to Modi, you are synonymous to Ravi Sanker, you are synonymous to Sadguru. Watch video.

Pradeep Udhas
Pradeep UdhasManaging Director, KPMG, New York office recommends Sat Siri as coaches

Pradeep Udhas, Managing Director, KPMG, New York office
recommends SatSiri as coaches. He talks about his awesome experience with Sat & Siri as his coach. Watch video.

Renu Mukherjee
Renu MukherjeeSenior Management Coach & Trainer

I have got trained in the Brain based way of coaching, but I can’t express to you how happy I am,with InnerMost Shift Coaching, .. you engage your entire entity and you coach. Watch video.

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