Relationship In Times Of Lockdown

How you stay together, make mental & emotional bonds stronger in lockdown times.

While many are talking about getting time to spend with family, it is also a reality that we never thought we’ll be spending soo much time with family and with household work of cooking, cleaning, looking after kids/ elders + office work, as suddenly WFH became the in thing, it can all be quite challenging and overwhelming.

• From lunch with friends to preparing home cooked meal every day, every meal.


As much as Lockdown can be a blessing to stay together, Lockdown can also be tough on the best and most loved relationships

🤬 Conflict can emerge or worsen when couples don’t have control over that definition.
😦Layoff & mental threats of layoffs also have an impact on relationships.
😱 Added to WFH, learn from home for children, managing time/ space/ noises… small, minuscule things can become points of friction.